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Why Bison Soil




This unique line of Organic Bison Manure Compost Products represent the culmination of over a decade of research and actual field trials. The results are absolutely amazing.


After extensive testing of massive windrows of composting Bison Manure, some over 10 years of age, we have discovered that as the manure ages and matures the biological complexity and diversity continues to intensify establishing amazing populations of active food web microbes.


As we continued to monitor the protozoan population as well as the active bacterial and fungal groups a pattern became apparent The protozoan population numbers were exceptionally high with tenfold increases particularly with flagellates and ciliates when compared to other non-bison based manure compost with peak microbe population levels ocurring in compost five to seven years of age. We also observed that available plant nitrogen levels peaked during the same time frame. It became apparent that something very unique was ocurring during the aging process and that this uniqueness is biological in origin and tied to the disproportionately high levels of beneficial microbes.


In the mid 1990′s a previously unrecognized group of prokaryotic organisms called Archaea were discovered. It has since been determined that these organisms form unique relationships with protozoans, particularly ciliates and actually ‘farm’ these protozoans when in an anarobic environment within the soil. This ‘opening up’ and thus making soils available for arobic mineralization greatly increases available plant nutrients and the release of PGR’s (Plant Growth Regulators) The Archaea are also important in detoxifying soils and interrupting the formation of toxic salts in the soil.


We have concentrated and incorporated this amazing Organic Bison Manure Compost into a line of organic products that encourage rapid, healthy root and vegetative growth with exceptional fruit and flowering capabilities.


In order to maximize its food-web establishing capability we have buffered the compost to perform at optimum ph ranges and have supplemented the compost with humic acid, micronized kelp, both endo and ecto mycorrhizae, 100% yucca extract, tricoderma, biochar, sedge peat and organic sources of over 50 micronutrients. Active levels of beneficial microbes including several species of nematodes as well as Streptomyces lydecus naturally occur inside the compost which defend against potential pathegens.


These ingredients are 100% natural and organic as well as Vegan as we use no slaughterhouse biproducts in our formulas. These products are highly concentrated and designed to increase nutrient uptake, improve drought tolerance, stimulate root growth with the production and release of PGR’s (Plant Growth Regulators) and increase bioavailablity of plant nutrients.


See specific product labels for use instructions.

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