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What Growers Say

The following is a collection of Testimonials from ACTUAL BISON USERS. We don’t have a big national advertising campaign. We don’t have fancy gimmicks. We don’t inflate our numbers. Use Bison Products on whatever you’re growing – and you’ll understand…


Humbolt Botanical Gardens Foundation:

Put the power of Bison soil products to work in your garden. Bison organic composted manure is  formulated to super charge your soil. Bison is one of the largest scientific breakthroughs in composting technology. After years of research and development we have created a unique and effective aged bison manure compost coupled with specifically selected and tested natural additives. When you “Bison” the soil, lawns grow thicker and greener, fruits and vegetables more succulent and juicy, buds thicker and sweeter.
As a compost tea, root drench plants with Bison to achieve super microbial habitats in the root zone. Bison compost tea a rich solution of trace nutrients, beneficial fungi, protozoans, beneficial nematodes and microbes. Simply mix 1/2 cup of Bison  Grow or Bloom per 1 gallon of water and apply every 2 to 4 weeks. Plants will zoom.

Restore malnourished, depleted soil with Bison. Bison composted manure is rich in beneficial soil microbes, fungi and mycorrihizae. A healthy soil is vital for life. Bison is the most complete and self-sustaining Food Web compost product on the market today.
Bison Soil products not only provide primary essential plant nutrients, including micro nutrients and trace minerals, they also fortify the soil with beneficial fungi, bacteria, nematodes, protozoans and mycorrhizal fungi that produce healthy strong plants better able to withstand pests and disease.

Terry Kramer, Humbolt Botanical Garden Foundation


Carrie S

“They finished extra big, extra frosty and two weeks early! So easy to use. I’m recommending it to everyone I know. Thank you so much! ”

Chris gifted us 2, 5 gallon buckets of Bison soil amendment; 1 for veggies, 1 for flowers (back in 2012). Ellery administered the veggie type (5 gal) on two rows of tomatoes (greenhouse, beginning of April) and they are larger than the 2 rows that didn’t receive the Bison dung. I have planted 10 azaleas (outside) and each is surviving and growing with the Bison dung. No dead ones! I have ¼ of the 5 gallons left (flower variety) and now I’m doling it out with great care. Ellery kicked my closed lidded bucket and said, “You still have some left?” I defended, “Yes, but it’s for flowers!” I know it will work for his veggies, but hands off!

Bison Gold Evaluation: We love it! Thank you!

Gail West, Gardener

THANKS for the sample. Applied it to my potted avocado tree which is the third $50 dollar tree from Logee. The first two died for no reason that I know of and this one just did nothing until Tennie applied a SMALL amount of Bison and three days later – swollen buds!

Hank Brooks, Gardner

Ok like all of us that have been growing for years were all skeptical of venturing to far from what we know considering successful or comfortable . It’s hard to make a change knowing that so much time and money is involved. Well like all of us know, the economy is not bringing top dollar for anything in the farming industry. I had to make a decision on splitting half my crop and try something that is more economically efficient for today’s market. I researched hrs on end and found this product. At first I was not to sure, but let me tell you with a 30 to 60 % faster growth rate, overall color and health of the plants are considerately better. I am a believer. Although I have not finished with this product I will from now on use it during this phase. It is about 300% cheaper than the teas that I have been running for years. With having to mix 8 to 12 components to make a tea, and now just mixing 1. It’s cleaner and faster and takes up a lot less room. Also Bison soil comes in buckets with lids unlike bags that can’t stack, split, sometimes tear, ect. I am proud to say that I am more than happy with my decision! Bison soil has a new revolving client. I am excited to finish with the product to see how it’s compares for what I’ve known for years as successful.

Charlie – California

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