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Bison Molasses

Non-GMO Pure Unsulfered Spray Dried Molasses

Bison Soil Molasses is dry, free-flowing molasses powder produced from pure, unsulphured cane molasses. It is a Certified, Non-GMO carbohydrate used as a soil amendment to stimulate and feed microorganisms by increasing microbial activity.

Typical Analysis: 33g Sugar / 100g
Bison Soil Molasses also contains beneficial trace minerals such as potash, iron, and potassium. A very quick source of energy for your plants to speed up and increase the growth cycle, along with stronger finishes during the flower harvest.

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The most complete feeding program available today. Bison Soil Solutions revitalize soil, increase nutrient uptake, support a full soil food web, and promote rapid growth.
Grow Faster. Grow Bigger. Use Less Water.

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