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Bison Bloom

Aged, screened & naturally occurring Bison Manure Compost, humic acid, kelp, biochar, green sand, soft rock phosphate, dolomite lime, 100% yucca extract, montmorillonite and diatomatious earth.
Also contains natural and inoculated levels of both endo and ectomycorrhizae, beneficial nematodes.
Guaranteed Analysis:
Total Nitrogen (N) – 0.99 %
Phosphorus as (P2O5) – 0.82 %
Potassium as (K2O) – 0.83 %

A natural organic compost Concentrate blended and formulated to meet the changing nutrient requirements as well as enzyme and associated hormone levels during the fruit or flower cycle of plant growth.
Bison Bloom is a concentrated, ph balanced blend of aged, fully Composted Organic Bison Manure with exceptionally high levels of active microbes unique to North American Bison. These microbes respond to changes in available light and cooling temperatures initiating hormonal and ennzymatic activities that increase nutrient availability with increased formation of fruit and flowering sites. The result is significant increase in harvest volume and quality of product.
100% natural and organic formula provides good levels of electrical conductivity (EC) and cationic exchange capacity (CEC) both of which indicate superior bio-availability for optimum levels of essential plant nutrients, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.
Contains beneficial microbial populations that ward off plant diseases and promote plant growth by enhancing nutrient uptake and hormonal stimulation.
No slaughterhouse animal biproducts are used in Bison Grow aged, fully composted organic bison manure.
This unique line of Organic Bison Manure Compost Products represents the culmination of over a decade of research & actual field trials. The results? Try it and you’ll never ask again. After extensive testing of massive windrows of composting Bison Manure, some over 10 years of age, we have discovered that as the manure ages & matures the biological complexity & diversity continues to intensify establishing high quality populations of active food web microbes
We have concentrated & incorporated this Organic Bison Manure Compost into a line of organic products that encourage rapid, healthy root & vegetative growth & exceptional fruit & flowering capabilities. In order to maximize its food-web establishing capability we have buffered the compost to perform at optimum ph ranges & have supplemented the compost with sources of over 50 micronutrients. This product is highly concentrated & designed to increase nutrient uptake, improve drought tolerance, stimulate root growth with the production & release of PGR’s (Plant Growth Regulators) & increase bioavailablity of plant nutrients.

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