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Bison Biochar

Bison Soil Premium Organic Biochar

Premium, Organic soil additive derived from the wood of yellow pine. Clean your soil and retain more water!! Bison Soil Biochar

Bison BioChar for Tomato

Bison BioChar for Strawberries

Bison BioChar for Vineyards

Bison BioChar for Soil Retention

Bison BioChar for Peppers

Bison BioChar for Greenhouses

Bison BioChar for Golf Courses

Bison BioChar for Citrus

Bison BioChar for Military Installations

Bison Biochar and Remediation of Disturbed Land and Water  


DESCRIPTION: Premium Biochar is an all-natural soil amendment with benefits for all soil types. Vegetable and flower gardens, lawns and landscaping, raised-bed and container gardens (both inside and outside), all benefit from using our Premium Biochar due to less need for watering and fertilizing. Your growing efforts will be rewarded with larger, fuller, and more luscious plants, fruits and vegetables. COMPATIBILITY: Premium Biochar is compatible with soils and gardens, and has been shown to provide benefits to soil, plants and our environment. APPLICATION: For gardens and lawns – Premium Biochar should be applied to the top four to six inches of the soil by mixing well by hand or rototiller. The application rates vary by soil type, and are in the range of 2 to 7 cubic feet (approx. 80 to 200 pounds) of Premium Biochar per 100 square feet, depending on the quality of the existing soil. For potting and transplanting – Premium Biochar should be mixed into the soil in the container or transplant hole. The application rates vary by soil type and size of the container or transplant hole, and should be approx. 3⁄4 cup (approx. 3.5 ounces) of Premium Biochar per gallon of soil. If you do not know your soil type or condition, obtain a soil test from your local extension office. biochar-700x488

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